Autism Statement

We at Limpsfield Grange School aim to develop practices and policies that promote and sustain the wellbeing of children and young people with Autism.

We aim to offer training and support for staff parents and other stakeholders to enable them to best meet the needs of children and young people with Autism.

We aim to establish a consistent approach across all areas of our school community that enables all students with Autism to learn and make progress.

We aim to ensure that our communication with all stakeholders is clear and appropriate.

We aim to ensure that our physical environment is responsive to the needs of children and young people with Autism, and that we take account of the sensory needs of individuals.

We aim to provide a range of experiences that enable interaction; promote social inclusion and independence; and support learners with Autism to reflect on their experiences.

We aim to empower our learners to understand their Autism and celebrate their difference.

We aim to provide on-going high quality staff development for all members of staff at Limpsfield Grange.

We aim to develop and sustain a multi-disciplinary approach where professionals plan and work together to meet the needs of learners with Autism.


Sarah Wild, Headteacher, has written an article ‘Autism is different for girls…….’ for the Surrey Mummy website

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Surrey Mummy article September 2013