Limpsfield Grange Staff

Senior Leadership Team
Mrs S.
Miss E. PhillipsDeputy
Mrs. J. ChippingtonAssistant
Miss N. WhiteHead of Residential
Mrs S. ThornhillSchool Business
Teaching Staff
Mrs S. JanawayStudent Support
Mrs F.
Mrs L.
Mrs J.
Miss C.
Miss C.
Mrs L. MitchellASD Outreach
Miss R.
Mr A. McMillanTeacher
Mr T.
Mrs M. BazellHigher Level Teaching Assistant/Science
Mrs S. EvesHigher Level Teaching
Mrs S. SalterTeaching
Mrs L. PillerTeaching
Mrs D. WalfordTeaching
Mrs L. KennedyTeaching
Mrs N. ChampagneTeaching
Mrs N. DanbyTeaching
Miss A. RichardsonTeaching
Mrs A.WaldronTeaching
Mrs D. HillTeaching
Mrs H. HuffBank Teaching Assistant
Mrs H. WattBank Teaching Assistant
Mrs K. MountainBank Teaching Assistant
Mrs B. ReadBank Teaching Assistant
Mrs. E. JenningsBank Teaching
Care Staff
Mrs J. FlintDeputy Head of Residential
Miss J. LillisDeputy Head of Residential
Mrs E. KilbyAssistant Head of Residential
Miss P. MorrisSenior Residential
Mrs J. SolomonSenior Residential
Mrs J. IvoryResidential
Mrs L. BunnResidential
Mrs J. SoleResidential
Miss A. StoneHomework
Mrs. J. FrostIndependent Life Skills
Miss. V. PattinsonResidential
Mrs C. CoombeResidential Admin
Support Staff
Mrs S.
Mrs K. MacovichAdministration
Mrs V. ClaramuntFinance
Mrs S. SealeySEND Advisor and Annual Review
Mrs S. GraceSENCO
Mrs C. MarstonExaminations
Mr T. BunnPremises
Mr T. McKenziePremises Assistant
Mrs D. BardwellDomestic Assistant/Midday Supervisor
Mr R. StevensHead Chef
Mrs A. SquiresKitchen Assistant