Making Sense of Autism Across Surrey


As Autism specialists, we wanted to take this opportunity to remind you about the Surrey Outreach Service available free of charge to all mainstream secondary schools and specialist provisions in Surrey.  We are happy to visit independent schools and schools outside of Surrey on a charged basis, details of which are available upon request.

Under the new 2014 SEND Code, schools are required to consider any causal factors leading to a student presenting with special educational needs, including those exhibited as traits of ASD.

There is now a clear emphasis on understanding the nature of individual need in order to work out what action the school needs to take. With particular reference to ASD, schools need to recognise the impact of resilience and well-being on attainment outcomes: witnessing the increasing pressures of 21st century living and supporting students in managing the stress and pace of change in our world today.

Ofsted highlights the importance of lessons being planned to specifically address potential areas of difficulty and thereby remove barriers to student achievement. Successful schools have developed an ethos which pro-actively develops self-awareness, scaffolds strategies for self-regulation and provides opportunities to practise social skills.

We can support you in addressing these issues and offer the following support and guidance:

  • Classroom observations and meetings with students, developing the student’s understanding of their ASD;
  • INSET Training: from a general overview of ASD, to workshops relating to specific students or issues;
  • Basic autism awareness training for teaching or non-teaching staff within any education setting who need an understanding of autism in their role (including office staff, governors, caretakers, drivers and escorts);
  • Meetings with parents/carers and external agencies;
  • Written reports following an Outreach visit that will include baseline screening, target setting, resources and suggested strategies. This can be followed up by further visits as necessary;
  • Strategies designed to enhance the quality of Wave 1 provision to have maximum impact where consistently implemented;
  • E-mail and telephone advice, with personalised fact sheets available;
  • In-reach for staff, to enable them to see good practice in action and discuss interventions and resources.

A formal diagnosis of Autism is not necessary; Teachers, SENCO’s EP’s and GP’s can make a referral for any young person between the age of 11 and 18 who is currently attending school,  who may have an ASD diagnosis, show traits of Autism and/or has social and communication difficulties and would benefit from autism related strategies.  Please see our website for a referral form to access our service.

We look forward to hearing from you.

Yours sincerely,

Debbie Walford and Di Hill

Secondary ASD Outreach Service

01883 713928 Ext 120


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