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School Meals

Our school meals are freshly prepared on the premises by our catering team (see sample menu). We endeavour to make dining an enjoyable experience for our students and create a family atmosphere with staff and students dining together

The cost of school lunches is £2.35 per day.

If a non-boarding student stays behind after school for a club and requires tea then the cost is £2.35 per tea.


School Food Standards

Only a small proportion of students have a packed lunch which says much about the food on offer.  There is a no fizzy drinks policy in school.

Government packed lunch advice

10 ideas for a healthy packed lunch

Sample Lunch Menu

Main mealLamb shepherd's pieSausage cassouletMild chicken and vegetable kormaRoast pork
Oven baked fish
VegetarianMushroom risottoVegetable bake with potato toppingSweet potato and lentil stewStuffed peppersVegetable quiche
VegetablesNew potatoesParsley potatoes
Brown rice

Roast potatoes and parsnips
Oven chips
Sliced green beansSweetcornGarden peasCauliflower cheeseGarden peas
Sliced carrotsFresh CabbageSliced carrotsMixed vegetablesBaked beans
Main Salad BarTuna, cheddar cheese, hamTuna, cheese, sliced beef, pilchardsEgg mayonnaise, cheddar cheese, pink salmon, hamCoronation chicken, tuna, eggTuna, cheddar cheese, ham, sliced pork
Selection of saladsSelection of saladsSelection of saladsSelection of saladsSelection of salads
ExtrasWholemeal breadWholemeal breadWholemeal breadWholemeal breadWholemeal bread
DessertsApple crumble and custardFruit cocktail with ice creamFruit muffinsCarrot cakeYoghurts
Fresh fruitFresh fruitFresh fruitFresh fruitFresh fruit

Sample Tea Menu

Week 1Tomato SoupBreaded chicken or QuornWrap pizzasSausage and vegetable tray bake
Veggie sausage tray bake
Pitta pockets with a selection of fillings
Reduced fat crisps
Sweet potato chips
Mixed vegetables
Homemade coleslaw
Mixed salad
French bread
Fresh fruitFresh fruitFresh fruitFresh fruit
Week 2Chicken drumsticks or Quorn filletsVegetable lasagneFresh vegetable soupChicken fajtas
Quorn fajitas
Potato salad
Mixed salad
Mixed bean, feta and spring onion salad
Garlic bread
Garden peas
Bread rolls
Carrot, celery and cucumber sticks
Reduced fat crisps
Tomato salsa
Natural yoghurt
Corn on the cob
Grated cheese
Mixed salad
Fresh fruitFresh fruitFresh fruitFresh fruit
Week 3Chicken (or Quorn) leek and butternut squash filo pieVegetable omelette
Macaroni and cauliflower cheese
Bacon rashers
Veggie Rashers
Vegetable chilli with rice
Mashed potatoes
Jacket wedges
Baked beans
Garden peas
Natural yoghurt
Tortilla chips
Grated cheese
Fresh fruitFresh fruitFresh fruitFresh fruit