School Aims

At Limpsfield Grange we work alongside our students to improve their knowledge, their communication; independence and self-management skills. Our aim is to support the development of emotional and mental resilience, which will enable the girls to become independent and active citizens in the future.

We want girls that leave Limpsfield Grange to be able to function in and contribute towards society, to the best of their ability. We will support the girls to understand their needs.

At Limpsfield Grange we want our students to have the best range of qualifications that they are capable of, and the skills they need to work independently or with other people.

We will support the girls to be healthy; physically, mentally and emotionally; and to be confident, happy and self-aware.

We aim for our students to be able to self-advocate, to identify and request the assistance that they require.

We want our students to have the ability to make choices as adults so that they may choose:

  • to work
  • to have positive and healthy relationships
  • to participate in their community

At Limpsfield Grange we embrace diversity and celebrate difference in all that we do.