We currently have a number of animals in the school grounds that our students help to look after; goats, sheep, chickens and alpacas. We have several staff dogs in school, these help students to manage their anxiety in the classroom and dog walking at break times is offered as a reward for good behaviour.  Students have the opportunity to collect fresh eggs every morning, these are sold to staff and the wider school community to raise funds for animal feed.

Alpacas are widely used in America with children on the Autistic Spectrum. Students work with the alpaca on a one-to-one basis to guide him through obstacle and agility exercises.  To accomplish the task the alpaca and the student need to build a relationship of trust, this helps to encourage social development.  Our three alpacas are halter trained and students have the opportunity to walk them as well as care for them.

Further information can be found in our Animals in School policy in the policies section.