Spiritual Moral Social and Cultural Opportunities and Promoting British Values & Diversity

At Limpsfield Grange we provide many opportunities for our students to learn about other cultures, faiths religions and lifestyle choices, to prepare them for the next stage of their life. We actively promote Spiritual Moral Social and Cultural education through our curriculum, through educational visits and through extra-curricular activities. These activities have included:

  • Visits to a places of worship
  • A multi-cultural food festival featuring foods from around the world
  • An arts festival featuring British artists
  • Whole school events to mark major public celebration
  • Students raising money for local charities
  • Guest speakers in assemblies from local charities
  • Whole school events at the local church
  • Visitors from others faiths or who live alternative lifestyles talking to students about their beliefs and life choices.


Promoting British Values & Diversity at Limpsfield Grange

Schools are required to provide for the spiritual, moral, social and cultural (SMSC) development of their students. Part of this requirement means that they actively promote fundamental British Values and diversity. Fundamental British Values are defined as:

  • Democracy
  • The Rule of Law
  • Individual Liberty
  • Mutual Respect and Tolerance of Different Faiths and Beliefs

At Limpsfield Grange, our students have a wide range of needs which affect their social communication and interaction. Many of our students have difficulties with understanding themselves, with interpreting the actions and intentions of others and with processing information from the wider world. As a school we are committed to working together to enable our students to develop their knowledge and independence, their communication skills and their ability to manage their anxieties and emotions. When they leave us we want them to be confident, happy and ready for the next stage of their lives. We want them to become active adults who can function in, and contribute towards society. A shared understanding of fundamental British Values is essential to this process, as it enables our students to understand the world in which they live. British Values also compliment the Limpsfield Grange values, which are outlined below.


The Limpsfield Grange Values:

  • At Limpsfield Grange we believe in working together to make a difference.
  • We are a tolerant community; we accept value and understand others.
  • We care for all members of our community without judgement.
  • We are responsible for our own learning, behaviour and actions.
  • We accept that sometimes things go wrong. We work together to take responsibility for our mistakes and for putting things right.
  • We are a respectful community and we treat others as we would like to be treated, even if they have different views and opinions to our own.
  • We understand that good behaviour helps us to prepare for life beyond Limpsfield Grange.
  • We are positive and resilient. We celebrate difference in everything that we do.
  • We are all proud to be part of the Limpsfield Grange community.

Promoting these fundamental British Values is now a central part of teaching and learning. By doing this, schools aim to help children and young people become well rounded members of society. These British Values are promoted throughout the curriculum and across the whole school. They are also reflected in the Limpsfield Grange values, ethos and policies, assemblies, special events and cultural celebrations. Below are some examples of how each of the fundamental British Values may be promoted at Limpsfield Grange.


At Limpsfield Grange we aim to promote this British Value by demonstrating how democracy works by discussion, decision making and voting. We achieve this through:

  • Encouraging students to know that their views count and their opinions are important.
  • Encouraging students to accept that others will have opinions that differ from their own, and that these opinions and views are valid.
  • Encouraging student participation in our School Council, and in our School House competitions.
  • Encouraging the girls to make choices and decisions individually and together, informally in social situations and formally through mechanisms such as our School Council.
  • Encouraging our students to see the bigger picture and relate themselves and their futures to wider society.


The Rule of Law

At Limpsfield Grange we promote this fundamental British Value by demonstrating the need for rules and laws to keep everyone safe and happy. We want all Limpsfield Grange students to be active citizens who make a positive contribution to society. Our students must understand that society is governed by rules and laws, and that there are consequences for breaking them. We work with our students to enable them to understand which forms of behaviour are socially acceptable or socially unacceptable. We do this through:

  • Having clear student responsibilities that are communicated to all members of our community.
  • Having a clear consistent approach to behaviour management, boundaries and consequences, to enable our learners to feel safe.
  • Educating students about the legal and criminal implications of inappropriate behaviour.
  • Working with other agencies to ensure that students have an understanding of the different professional roles in society that keep us safe.
  • Working with students to enable them to understand their feelings, behaviours and needs.
  • Working with students to manage relationship conflict.
  • All adults connected to our community being role models, modelling respectful tolerant and socially acceptable behaviour across the school at all times.
  • Encouraging and supporting students to learn how to distinguish right from wrong.
  • Supporting our students in becoming responsible citizens who show respect and tolerance for others.


Individual Liberty

At Limpsfield Grange we promote this fundamental British Value through promoting individual freedoms to choose faiths, beliefs, personal identities, so that students can express themselves without fear of repression prejudice or judgement. We do this through:

  • Difference being actively and visibly celebrated and welcomed throughout the school.
  • Openly discussing differences between people, such as religion, ethnicity, disability, gender, gender identity or sexuality.
  • Challenging and taking seriously all forms of discriminatory and anti-social language or actions. Any disciplinary measures taken will be applied consistently, fairly and reasonably and will take account of any special educational needs or disabilities.
  • Working with all students to promote self-esteem, confidence and emotional physical and mental wellbeing.
  • Working with our students in the areas of wellbeing, achievement, communication, and independence to enable them to become active participants in society.
  • Promoting opportunities for our students to make choices and express their personal preferences.
  • Enabling our students to talk about their experiences at public events.


Mutual Respect and Tolerance of Different Faiths and Beliefs

At Limpsfield Grange we promote this fundamental British Value by demonstrating respect and tolerance towards other beliefs and faiths. We do this through:

  • Difference being actively and visibly celebrated and welcomed throughout the school.
  • Creating an environment that includes values and promotes different faiths, cultures, views and races.
  • Providing students with links to the wider community through work experience, volunteering, visits to places of worship, and access to visitors to the school, speakers and advocates.
  • Encouraging our students to learn about other faiths, cultures, traditions, family models, communities and ways of life.
  • Encouraging our students to learn about, and engage with, the wider world around them.


Mrs Wild, Headteacher, September 2023