At Limpsfield Grange we aim to have clear effective communication with all stakeholders.

Limpsfield Grange seeks to communicate clearly and effectively with all stakeholders, and will communicate with parents, carers and wider stakeholders:

  • In person
  • Virtual face to face
  • Verbally via the telephone
  • In writing via email, letter, the Limpsfield Grange website and parentmail.

All Limpsfield Grange communication with parents, carers and wider stakeholders will be:

  • Polite
  • Civil
  • Professional
  • In adherence with Limpsfield Grange policies and procedures at all times.

All communication (written, verbal and face to face) between Limpsfield Grange staff and parent’s, carers and members of the wider community, will be polite and civil. Rudeness, inappropriate language, abuse or threatening behaviour will not be tolerated, and communication with the school may be ceased, or a communication plan implemented.

Limpsfield Grange staff will respond to communication from parents, carers and wider stakeholders in a timely manner.

Decisions taken by all members of staff will always be in the best interests of students and the school. All decision making is informed by Limpsfield Grange’s agreed policies and procedures, which are regularly reviewed and agreed by the Limpsfield Grange Governing Body, in order to safeguard all members of the Limpsfield Grange community and promote the best outcomes for students.