‘The curriculum is broad and balanced and is designed to not only enable pupils to make outstanding progress, but also to develop their communication and independence skills, and promote well-being’.
Ofsted July 2018

The purpose of the curriculum at Limpsfield Grange is to fully prepare students for life beyond Limpsfield Grange. The curriculum has been designed specifically for our students to facilitate the development of skills, knowledge and attributes which will enable them to be happy, healthy, empowered adults who play an active role in society. The Limpsfield Grange curriculum is underpinned by the following WACI areas:

  • Wellbeing – promoting physical, emotional and mental wellbeing so that each learner is healthy and self-aware leading to them participate in wider society and fulfil their potential. Our wellbeing strand includes Relationships and Sex Education.
  • Achievement – developing skills and knowledge, validated through externally recognised qualifications such as GCSEs which enables each learner to make the next step in their lives successfully.
  • Communication – developing social communication skills so that each learner can engage confidently and meaningfully communicate with others.
  • Independence – developing independence skills to enable our learners to manage their own lives and make their own decisions. Our independence strand includes careers education and financial literacy.

WACI is also delivered as a discrete subject at Limpsfield Grange and WACI lessons are taught weekly. Our curriculum, delivered through these areas, is delivered sequentially, building knowledge and skills over time.

Students who attend Limpsfield Grange work at broadly age related expectations on entry. Most of our students will have taken their KS2 SATS at the end of Year 6. We anticipate that our students will be able to take GCSEs or equivalent qualifications in a range of subjects at the end of Year 11.

Students at Limpsfield Grange access a structured and adult led environment, working with growing independence as they progress through the school. From Year 7, students are expected to work and navigate the school environment independently. Our classes are smaller than those of mainstream schools, and we provide Teaching Assistant support in most, but not all of our lessons. Any additional Teaching Assistant hours outlined in a student’s EHCP at a mainstream school do not generally transfer over when they join Limpsfield Grange.

At the start of every term parents will receive a curriculum overview which outlines the areas of study for each year group and each curriculum area. The overviews also give a range of ideas to parents about how to support learning at home. A list of key words for each subject is included. The curriculum overviews are also available on the website.

Our Key Stage 3 curriculum is designed to enable staff to identify gaps in student’s prior learning, and to fill those gaps so that students have a solid learning foundation from which to make progress. Our Key Stage 3 curriculum broadly follows the National Curriculum. We review our curriculum offer for each year group annually, therefore year on year the subjects taught may change. Our curriculum in KS3 includes: English, Maths, Science, Functional ICT, Art, Catering, Physical Education (which includes a session of swimming weekly for Year 7), Religious Education, History and Geography. Students do not study a Modern Foreign Language.

We have a strong ethos of learning outside the curriculum, which starts in Year 8. We want Limpsfield Grange learners to develop resilience and confidence, the ability to work in a team; the ability to make decisions and receive immediate feedback in their decision making; and our learning outside the classroom offer provides opportunities for students to make progress in these areas.

Our Key Stage 4 curriculum is designed to ensure that students accrue the skills and knowledge that they will need to make a successful transition at 16, and is largely accredited through GCSEs or equivalent qualifications.  Students may follow different curriculum pathways at Key Stage 4 and we continue to adapt our curriculum to best meet our learner’s needs. The curriculum in Years 10 and 11 broadly follows the National Curriculum. We review our curriculum offer for each year group annually, therefore year on year the subjects taught may change but there is usually a core offer of English, Mathematics, Biology, ICT, Art, and Catering in addition to learning outside the classroom and work based learning.

We have a strong emphasis on work based learning and careers education in Key Stage 4, providing opportunities for work experience and work related learning so that students can develop the confidence and resilience to tackle the challenges of working life. For more information about our Careers Education Information Advice and Guidance program please see the Careers section of our website.

If you would like any further information about our curriculum offer, please contact Mrs Chippington Assistant Headteacher.