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Projects we are currently fundraising for:

Bike Path and Sensory Trail

Movement and exercise help our students enormously by reducing anxiety as well as improving fitness and co-ordination, sadly much of our outdoor space cannot be used during the winter or wet weather.  We are looking to install an all weather bike path and sensory trail around the school grounds to enable students to cycle, walk or run around the grounds all year round.  The sensory trail will include equipment such as a balance beam and sunken trampoline that will help meet our girls sensory and physical needs.

Total cost £102,000  Timescale: summer 2021

Outdoor Seating and Eating Area

We would like to create a further outside seating and eating area to accommodate our growing number of students.

Total cost £5,000  Timescale: Summer 2020

Chalet Flowerbeds

We would like to improve the outside space by planting flowering shrubs in the gardens around our chalets.

Cost: £300  Timescale: Summer 2020

Computer Monitors

Many of our computer monitors are rather old and need replacing with wider, higher definition monitors.

Cost: £3600  Timescale: Spring 2021