Limpsfield Grange curriculum – aims and organisation

Curriculum aims

Limpsfield Grange is a school for girls with communication and interaction needs; the overwhelming majority of our students are autistic. Many of our students have additional needs including ADHD, speech language and communication needs, and emotional difficulties associated with their autism. All of our students have an EHCP that outlines their needs; the provision required to meet those needs and expected outcomes for each Key Stage.

Many of our students have had an incomplete experience of primary school, often with very poor attendance due to their persistent levels of anxiety that affected their wellbeing. The curriculum at Limpsfield Grange addresses the gaps in students’ prior learning to build success in their secondary education.

Please click here for further information: Limpsfield Grange Curriculum Aims & Organisastion

If you would like any further information about our curriculum offer, please contact Mrs Chippington Assistant Headteacher.

‘The curriculum is broad and balanced and is designed to not only enable pupils to make outstanding progress, but also to develop their communication and independence skills, and promote well-being’.
Ofsted July 2018