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If you would like to make a donation towards any of the following projects, please click on the ‘donate’ link at the top of the page or email  We thank you for your support.

Wellbeing Centre


We are planning to install a Wellbeing Centre on the back lawn during the summer holidays; this will be a space for wellbeing therapies for our students, including a sensory, chill out area.  We have been successful in obtaining a grant from the  Wooden Spoon Charity  for a significant proportion of the cost, however we are seeking funding for furniture and equipment.





Playground Markings           

We are looking to improve our playground area by installing playground markings.  Students would benefit from a maze and a bleep test/ball games area to improve their fitness and co-ordination.  The total cost of the project is £4,557 and to date we have received just over £2000 in donations towards it.     


Sensory Trail and Bike Path

We have fantastic grounds and in order to maximise the use of them we would like to install a path around the field that can be used all year round.  This will be a bike path and also a sensory trail with items of equipment such as a wobble beam and sunken trampoline to help our students with their fitness and their sensory needs.  We will need to raise significant funds for this project which will cost around £80,000 in total.

Tandridge Lottery

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