Dear Parents and Carers

A number of apps are developing and releasing features to conform to the new Children’s Code. The Children’s Code (or Age appropriate design code to give its formal title) is a data protection code of practice for online services, such as apps, online games, and web and social media sites, likely to be accessed by children. You can find out more about the Code by clicking on this link – Age appropriate design: a code of practice for online services | ICO

Instagram is one of the apps introducing features to manage content and restrict who children can interact with. There is a page on the Internet Matters website that you may find useful, as it provides details of a number of functions to help your child manage who can see their posts and how they interact with others. Click on this link to find out more – Instagram Parental Controls | Internet Matters

  Instagram Parental Controls | Internet Matters

Mute someone. If you don’t want to see someone’s posts in your feed, you can mute them: Step 1 – Go to their profile by tapping the search icon at the bottom or find them by typing their name into the search. Step 2 – Tap “Following” below their profile info and tap “Mute”. Swipe to toggle the feature off – next to Posts and/or Stories. To unmute them, tap to toggle the …

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Sam Janaway
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Limpsfield Grange School
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