Sent out 9th February 2021

Dear Parents,

I am writing to give you some further information on planning for your daughter’s Post 16 transition.

By the time of your daughter’s Year 10 Annual Review, which will be held between early March and early May, you need to have an idea whether you are looking for her to transition to a suitable course at your local school with Post 16 provision/your local College, or whether you are looking for a specialist provision.   I appreciate that schools and colleges are currently not open for visits but many are holding ‘virtual’ events and I would advise that you attend these, or arrange a telephone conversation with the SENCO or equivalent.   If you are looking at a local college, you need to give consideration as to whether her needs will be best met within the SEND department or whether her needs can be met within the main part of the college on a Level 1 or Level 2 course. You need to refer to your daughter’s last school report to see how many GCSE or equivalent qualifications she is following, so that you can judge whether she will meet the appropriate entry requirements for Level 1 or Level 2 courses.

The Local Authority will always consult with the preference of the student and the parents but they will also consult with any state funded provision that they feel may be appropriate for your daughter. They will use the Year 10 Annual Review and the EHCP to do this. It is a similar process to the one that you experienced when you gave your parental preference for Limpsfield Grange when your daughter was in Year 5/6.

I have attached a list of Post 16 provisions that you may wish to consider. Please be aware that this is not an exhaustive list of Post 16 schools and colleges, especially given the diverse needs and home addresses of our students. Please note that inclusion within this document is not an endorsement by Limpsfield Grange of the provision. I advise you to do your own careful research and to review the latest OFSTED report for each provision that you consider.

All Local Authorities should have a ‘Local Offer’ part on their website and I would also advise that you consult this.  Surrey have not yet indicated the exact process for Post 16 transition for the current Year 10 but the following links give the information that was relevant for the current Year 11, when they were in Year 10.

Post-16 admissions guidance for young people with an EHCP | Surrey Local Offer

Support to help young people move into adulthood | Surrey Local Offer

I have also attached two leaflets that give further information about the next steps.

You need to be aware that in Surrey (and in many other LAs), transport to Post 16 is not guaranteed and if it is approved, parents are required to make a contribution towards the cost of it.  I have copied the link to their current policy on this.

If you are unsure about any aspect of this process I would strongly advise that you make contact with your Local Authority Case Worker for further information and advice. We will invite Case Workers to the Year 10 Annual Reviews, but they are not always able to attend.

Yours sincerely,
Emma Phillips

SEND Surrey Next Steps
Surrey Choices – Future Choices
Post 16 updated February 2021


Sent out 15th October 2020 to Surrey parents ONLY

Dear Parents,

Year 10 Annual Reviews and Post 16

The current advice from Surrey, is that Year 10 Annual Reviews should be held in the Summer Term (late April to the end of June). At the Year 10 Annual Review, they request that the student and parental preference for Post 16 is discussed and stated. They will then use the Year 10 Annual Review paperwork to update the EHCP and consult with parental preference and also the LA preference, if it is different to the parental preference.   For some students, this will mean that their Annual Review is held slightly later than it would normally have been. Although these are difficult times that we currently face, most schools and colleges are continuing virtually with open evening events and I would advise that you start to consider where you would like your daughter to attend Post 16.  I have attached the list of destinations that have been attended by our students over recent years.

I have also attached the SCC Transport Policy Statement. I need to bring to your attention that SCC transport is not automatic for Post 16 students, they have no statutory duty to provide it and where it is granted, parents are required to make a financial contribution towards the cost. The contribution is currently £252.07 per term, although some students may be eligible to be charged a lower contribution rate of £182.40 per term.

If you have any questions, please do contact me.

Kind regards,
Emma Phillips

Post 16 destinations


Year 10C Parents Evening 2020 – sent out 7th October
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Nescot Open Events 20/21 – sent out 4th September 


Sent out 25th March 2020:

Dear Parents and Carers
Following recent advice from the Government about staying at home and using remote learning, more people are online than every before and that now includes school children. Here are some top tips that you can follow in order to make sure your daughter is safe: 
  • Talk about fake news. Discuss how to tell whether the information your daughter is reading is reliable or not. Also talk about the dangers of sharing news which may not be true. 
  • Consider how much screen time your daughter has. It is important to have down time and engage in physical exercise. 
  • Check in with your daughter when she is online to see which websites she is visiting or who she is talking to on social media.
  • Ensure your daughter only uses her school email account for communicating with teachers. 
  • Read the attached leaflet for more tips. 
Useful websites: 
There are also some great activities online, which will provide fun ways of breaking up the day: 
Best wishes
Sam Janaway
Student Support Lead
Limpsfield Grange School
Contact: 01883 713928 ext 110
Top Tips for Remote Learning


Sent out 17th January 2020:

Dear Parents and Carers

Live streaming has become a popular feature of many apps and platforms. All you need to be able to live stream is an internet-enabled device, like a smart phone or tablet, and you can communicate with people all over the world in real time. Great if you have family living overseas, but how comfortable are you with your daughter using it to chat to friends……real or online? 

If you would like to learn more about live streaming click on the following link or look at the Think U Know website.

Best wishes
Sam Janaway
Student Support Lead
Limpsfield Grange School
Contact: 01883 713928 ext 110