Medicine in School

The general health of the students whilst at the school is attended to by our Child Care Staff. They will deal with the administration of all regularly taken medications and any minor ailments or injuries that may occur. When sending any medication into school, please ensure that it is in the original container with the pharmacist label attached. We are not allowed to administer any medication that is not in the original packaging. We also need to have a letter from the prescriber stating what medication your daughter needs to take. Older students who we feel are responsible enough may administer their own medication provided parents and staff are in agreement and the appropriate consent forms are completed.

Residential students who are in exceptional circumstances registered with our school G.P. at the local Health Centre. With the permission of parents, residential students may be taken to see a G.P. at our Health Centre as a temporary resident should they need to be seen urgently before an appointment can be made with their own G.P. During their time at Limpsfield Grange, the girls may have a medical with our school medical officer which parents are invited to attend. Medicals are arranged as and when required at the request of either care staff or families.

We can, by arrangement, accompany students to hospital or other medical appointments in exceptional circumstances if parents so wish. Parents are always kept informed and consulted on matters pertaining to their child’s health. In case of an emergency, a telephone contact number must be provided. Hospitals are often unwilling to administer treatment unless a parent has been contacted or is present.

For further information please refer to our Student Health and Medication Policy found in the policies section of this website.