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I like to fit in. I think being outstanding, cos everyone’s unique in their own way. I agree it would be boring if everyone was the same. Yeah you should be yourself!

I think they are both good in their own way, fitting in is okay because you feel included, but different means you’re not the same as everyone else because you are difference and happy!

I prefer to stand out as so I can show everyone how pretty I am!

My friends

My phone…it’s my life!

Going to see the animals makes me happy!! Oh and the lunchtime activities.

I dunno!!

Having a learning support assistant that had an autistic daughter, she was nice and understood me.

Meeting new people and making friends at Limpsfield Grange. Yeah getting into Limpsfield Grange School as has had a big impact on me as its quieter here than my last school. I like that!

Just being lucky!!

Be yourself!!

Don’t hide your true self!!

Be resilient!

We all like different things. I like Computing, Art and Food tech.

I like English and P.E. I prefer Dance and science.

We all have lots of different perfect days!!

My birthday is my favourite day! Fridays and eating cake! A combination of spending time with kittens and being by the sea. Shopping and going to an American candy shop…yum!! Horse riding and dancing!

Definitely eating my favourite food!!! I’d love a day of dancing!

I think it will be going to Costa Rice……. Or meeting little mix!!!

It can make me feel really annoyed!!!

I end up feeling sad.

Definitely confused and angry!