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It is our aim to offer the students at Limpsfield Grange a residential experience to support their educational placement; work towards EHCP outcomes, develop personal care and life skills and enhance their social interaction skills.

Priority will be given to students whose journey to school exceeds 30 miles (using the shortest route) each way and where the residential provision of Limpsfield Grange is stated on their Education and Health Care Plan; making it a statutory requirement.

To ensure transparency and equality we will conduct a needs based assessment in the form of a weighted points system for the allocation of any remaining residential beds. The four assessed areas are:

  • The impact of distance and journey time on a student’s capacity to access learning
  • To support a student’s attendance at school
  • To support a student’s mental health and wellbeing needs
  • To provide a residential experience for students who have not previously accessed a residential placement

Placements will be provided on a full time basis for the duration of a term.

We will also consider student and parental views, and whether there is a place in an appropriate peer / age group in the residential provision.

All potential boarders will be subject to an individual risk assessment of the student’s needs and presenting behaviours and also to an impact risk assessment on the group of students they would be placed with.

Access to the residential provision is not statutory (unless stated on a student’s EHCP) or compulsory and may not be appropriate for all students.  For example the residential provision may not be appropriate:

  • Where the young person’s needs are above our residential core offer
  • Where the young person or family decide they do not wish to access this provision

Our residential criteria will remain in place until Surrey County Council release county wide residential placement criteria, at which point we will re-evaluate the Limpsfield Grange residential criteria.

Place allocation is not permanent and it may be necessary to rotate some placements to give other students fair access and opportunity.

Natasha White Head of Residential Provision

Sarah Wild Headteacher

June 2018