At Limpsfield Grange we believe that “together we make a difference.”

We provide:

  • A child centred approach through bespoke programmes based on meeting individual needs and maximising potential   
  • A range of experiences and activities that contribute to our Wellbeing, Achievement, Communication and Independence (WACI) curriculum which promotes personal development.
  • Opportunities to develop and apply skills for life which lead to greater independence and self-awareness.
  • Opportunities for young people to participate in the wider community, including participation in work experience, community based activities and youth groups.
  • Working partnerships with families and other professionals to ensure a child centred joined up approach.
  • A nurturing environment where individuality and difference is respected and where diversity is celebrated.
  • Preparation for the next phase of life and transition into adulthood.
  • Small unique setting with a qualified, experienced team  who are dedicated to  understanding  and meeting the  complex needs of each young person
  • A safe supportive atmosphere where consistency and boundaries help to enable young people to make appropriate choices

We aim for the young people at Limpsfield Grange to :

  • Be happy and safe
  • Have good physical, emotional and mental health
  • Be independent
  • Be able to communicate effectively and make positive choices about their future
  • Be responsible for their actions and learning
  • Participate in society to the best of their ability
  • Be aware of their own needs and how to access appropriate support in a variety of settings
  • Be equipped with the skills for building and sustaining successful relationships

The residential provision is uniquely equipped to support the young people in our care to develop into adults who are creative, independent and happy.