‘The leadership team places pupils’ safety at the heart of the school’s work. Consequently, there is a very strong safeguarding culture in the school.’
Ofsted July 2018

Safeguarding Our Students

Limpsfield Grange School Safeguarding Offer

At Limpsfield Grange School we are committed to promoting the safety and wellbeing of our whole school community. Safeguarding is our highest priority.

Students can access safeguarding information through our curriculum. Teaching the girls how to stay safe in real life and online is central to the Wellbeing strand of our WACI curriculum and is delivered through Prevent lessons; WACI lessons; Wellbeing Wednesdays and Thinking Thursdays. Students can access staying safe workshops and NSPCC Protect & Respect Sexual Exploitation workshops in our Residential Provision. Each half term our residential students can speak to an Independent Advocate to share any concerns they may have.

Staying safe and staying well are crucial elements of our school offer. We work with students to help them be aware of their emotional, physical and mental health. We have staff who are Mental Health First Aid trained, and students across the school are encouraged to be responsible for maintaining positive mental emotional and physical health.

Displayed around the school are our student safeguarding posters which have pictures of the members of staff who are DSLs and their contact details. We also display around the school posters for Childline and the NSPCC. We have a DSL on site 24 hours a day so that students and staff can share safeguarding concerns with an experienced trained professional at any time.

We are committed to training staff to enable them to deal effectively with safeguarding situations. All staff receive annual safeguarding and online safety training at INSET days. We also offer safeguarding updates each half term through our Hot Topics staff sessions.

The Designated Safeguarding Lead (DSL) and Prevent Lead for the school is:

Natasha White (Head of Residential Provision)

Telephone: 01883 713928 ext. 121

Email: miss.white@limpsfield-grange.surrey.sch.uk

The Deputy Designated Safeguarding Lead (DSLs) in school are:

Sarah Wild (Headteacher)

Email: head@limpsfield-grange.surrey.sch.uk

Emma Phillips (Deputy Headteacher)

Email: deputy@limpsfield-grange.surrey.sch.uk

Edwina Kilby (Deputy Head of Residential Provision)

Email: mrs.kilby@limpsfield-grange.surrey.sch.uk

Janine Chippington (Assistant Headteacher)

Email: mrs.chippington@limpsfield-grange.surrey.sch.uk

Sam Grace (Assistant SENCO)

Email: mrs.grace@limpsfield-grange.surrey.sch.uk

If you are concerned about a young person’s welfare, please write clear notes (preferably on the appropriate recording form), place in a sealed envelope and ensure that they are received by the DSL or Deputy DSL who will discuss the contents with you at the earliest opportunity. You can also email any concern you might have to the DSL’s. Do not conduct your own investigation.

If your concerns relate to the actions or behaviour of a member of staff (which could suggest that s/he is a danger to children), then you should report this in confidence to the Headteacher (or the Chair of Governors if the concern relates to the Headteacher) who will consider what action to take. The Chair of Governors contact details can be found in the staff room on the Safeguarding noticeboard.