The school day starts at 9am. There are staff on duty from 8.30am, so we expect students to arrive between 8.30am and 9am.

Students spend 9am-9.15am, 1.15pm-1.25pm and 3.25pm-3.35pm (1.15-2.30pm on a Friday) in their tutor group.

The school day finishes at 3.35pm every day except Friday, when we finish at 2.30pm.

Students have a 15 minute break every day, from 10.15-10.30am and lunch is 12.30-1.15pm. Lunch is divided into two sittings, students either eat their lunch from 12.30-12.55pm and engage in a supervised structured activity from 12.55pm until 1.15pm or engage in an activity 12.30-12.55pm and eat their lunch 12.55-1.15pm.

We have one assembly a week on a Friday at 2pm. 

It can take up to 25 minutes for all students to have left the school site in their taxis. 

There is a bell that indicates the start of the school day at 9am, the end of break and the end of lunch.

‘ The school day is highly structured and pupils’ behaviour in and out of lessons is exceptional.’
Ofsted July 2018

‘The girls are very polite and kind to each other.’

Current Parent