We are the only school in the UK for girls with autism

We are a Surrey County Council maintained school and have received no increase in Government funding for the past seven years even though operating costs have risen significantly across the board.  We simply do not have the funds for non-curricula projects that would benefit our students, although we currently receive income from renting our swimming pool to local clubs, the money raised from this is needed to balance the budget. 

Despite the lack of funding the staff at Limpsfield Grange School are passionate about raising the profile of girls with autism:

  • We were the focus of the ITV ‘Girls with Autism’ documentary which is available to view on the front page of our website.
  • We were also featured in a Channel 4 news report on female autism – http://www.channel4.com/news/girls-affected-by-autism
  • Our students have written two novels – M is for Autism and M in the Middle – explaining what is is like to be a girl with autism.
  • M is for Autism is currently going into all libraries in England as part of the Reading Agency Readwell scheme and is also one of the picture books now available on prescription https://t.co/zScfQR8r15
  • Staff and students have spoken at several national conferences
  • Our Headteacher, Sarah Wild, has talked to the All Parliamentary Autism Group in the House of Lords
  • Our Outreach team work across South East England
  • We have contributed towards numerous articles and books on female autism and are currently involved in research projects both in the UK and internationally

Our practice is regarded nationally as cutting edge and we are considered leaders in the field of girls with autism.

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